Friday, 23 September 2011

Islam and Beliefs and Zikr

Islam is the religion of humanity. Islam makes human psychological, spiritual more humane. We should believe in Allah, his angels, his books, his prophets, judgment day and all the good and bad comes from Allah. Islam demands we should act on following, to pray God with shahadah in heart. Islam gives human the thought of his greatness, so that he could know himself, universe, and his creator and thanks blessings of Allah. Justice, brotherhood are features of Islamic civilization and all of their base is Taqwa(Fear of Allah).
Allah has given us Quran, Sunnah and these are the biggest blessings for us. It is the way of Allah, he takes away the blessings from a nation or man if they don't praise or thanks Allah. Not only Allah takes away the blessings but also breaks his spiritual relationship with him and put him in the hands of Satan. Know it without the guidance of some great leader civilizations and nations couldn't be prosperous and successful. This is also the clear truth that a society real power lies in the truth of their beliefs and nations rise and fall are due to kin of their beliefs. Beliefs show the human character, nations character.
If beliefs are weak then society destroy and it affect every walk of life. Beliefs that are according to nature are most powerful. Powerful beliefs define positive and complete way of life. So that world agrees or not the truth is that Islam is the religion of nature and key to his success for this world and world hereafter. In surah rom God said " you should choose Allah against anyother thing and that is human nature on which Allah created all human". in surah ala God said " Indeed God had made everything and give the right way". Islam is the only religion that which Allah wants us to follow.
People in all walks of life are searching for happiness, peace and tranquillity. Black & white, old & young, each and every person wants to be at peace.
"Verily! Only in the Zikar of Allah will your heart find peace." Quran (Surah 13: Verse 28)
Zikar, pronounced Dhi-kar, means remembrance. It is often associated with Allah to mean "Remembrance of Allah".
Remembrance of Allah all the time is the key to success. No one can deny the importance, virtues and fruits of Zikar, especially Qalbi Zikar-the secret zikar of the heart. Qalbi Zikr is practised by all the true, close & elite Friends of Allah and the time has now come to make it known to all. Only the chosen proceed.

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